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Bubbly Guppies

A Fun Day Awaits!

Daily Schedule

6:30  Welcome, Free Play

7:00  Breakfast

9:00  Circle Time (welcome song, calendar, counting, letters, shapes, colors, story, sharing, learn new song/rhyme, etc…)

9:30   Music & Movement.  Interactive songs like Ants go Marching or Hokey Pokey, free-style dance to Music CD, dance/hop like animals.  Stretching and tumbling on nap mats.

9:45   Snack/potty/clean-up.

10:00  Table time.  Age appropriate paperwork (learn to write their names, patterns, scissor skills, math, journal, etc.).

10:15   Craft.

10:30  Outdoor play/neighborhood walk/park day.  Trikes, slides, bubbles, playhouse, sidewalk chalk, etc. Create natural playscapes which allow children to interact with bugs, plants, water, trees and nature.

11:30  Centers:  blocks, puzzles, dramatic play, kitchen area, tool bench, sensory table.

12:00  Clean up & wash up, Lunch. Children participate in food prep, hand washing, setting table, serving and cleaning.  Family style meals are a great way to expose children to social skills, math, and language skills. 

12:30  Story & nap time.

3:00   Snack/potty/clean-up.

3:15   Outdoor play.  Group play like gymnastics/parachutes/

races/tag/jumprope/hopscotch, hide & seek.

4:00-5:00 Inside wind-down. 

Children play with materials in activity areas while teacher uses time to focus on one-to-one activities with each child or pairs in organized games like Candy Land/Hi-Ho Cheerio.  Floor puzzles, free-style art with provided materials.  Free-play.

Kids in Preschool
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