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Creasy Maternal Fetal Medicine Pdf

The first part, scientific basis, extensively covers the basic physiological principles involved in all fields such as maternal physiological and immunological adaptation, placental and amniotic fluid dynamics, stages of early development with special reference to multiple gestations, fetal cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological development, and the existing and evolving theories of parturition. By extensively covering the basics, the editors have yet again proved the point that understanding the basic principles is vital for the practice of MFM.

Creasy Maternal Fetal Medicine Pdf

All the chapters have been well written. Some chapters in Part I are worth special mention. Chapter 1, Basic genetics and patterns of inheritance, covers all aspects of genetics relevant to clinical practice including the topics of current interest such as mitochondrial inheritance, imprinting, high-resolution comparative genomic hybridization (HR-CGH). In Chapter 11, Developmental origins of health and disease, the authors discuss the intrauterine programming of postnatal health in interesting and simple language and also outline the increasing public health problems of maternal obesity. Chapter 16, Evidence based practice in perinatal medicine, provides guidance to understanding the basic research methods commonly used in clinical practice. This information will be extremely helpful to a novice trainee in interpreting results published in the literature in this specialty and also in employing the appropriate methods in their own research.

Part IV, Maternal complications, encompasses the entire range of maternal medical disorders complicating pregnancy as well as intrapartum complications. This part also includes infective conditions, anaesthetic aspects, critical care of the sick pregnant patient, gynaecological conditions in pregnancy, etc. Maternal and fetal infections completely covers all the common infections a clinician would encounter in the ante-, intra- and postpartum period including episiotomy wound infection and puerperal endometritis. The chapter on maternal cardiac diseases includes care of pregnant women with both corrected and uncorrected congenital and acquired heart diseases, issues related to cardiac surgery in pregnancy, thromboprophylaxis in those patients with mechanical heart valve disease. Anaesthetic management has been discussed elsewhere (Chapter 57, Anaesthetic considerations for complicated pregnancies). Haematological diseases are explained in three chapters (Coagulation disorders, Thromboembolic diseases and Anemia in pregnancy) reflecting the high prevalence of haematological problems in pregnancy. No common topic in maternal medicine has been left uncovered.


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