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Hunter Lee
Hunter Lee

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Life on the burgeoning Martian colony is hard. In the midst of political corruption, equipment failure, extreme weather events, and civil rights crack-downs, a new voice has risen up from the people. That voice is the up-and-coming protest movement, 39 Dark, which is guided by its newly appointed leader, Lane Novak.

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Despite traveling restrictions on Aegis VII, and unaware of the planet's dark past, the CEC decided to ignore them in favor of constructing the illegal mining colony, investing billions in the operation after they discovered the planet to have trillions worth of saleable resources. Though many employees who participated in the operation were aware of its illegal status, they followed suit with the company's agenda.

Since the Marker's discovery, the colony began to enter what seemed to be a burgeoning epidemic. Much of the populace began to suffer from insomnia, growing dementia, and even began experiencing vivid hallucinations of their loved ones. This would eventually culminate in a growing number of homicides, putting a strain on medical personnel and P-Sec. With the removal of the Marker from its pedestal site, fifty Unitologists led by Deakin Abbott committed suicide in the colony's Union Square. Immediately after planet crack, the Necromorphs emerged with new bodies to infect.

The colony was eventually destroyed when a massive tectonic load resulting from the planet crack crashed onto Aegis VII's surface, devastating the planet; any remaining survivors (if existent) were presumably killed in the crash and the subsequent devastation, since no living people were found on the planet by the time the USG O'Bannon reached the area. 350c69d7ab


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