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As I am sure you are aware, there is much more to be done to reign in the antitrust activities of Dairy Farmers of America, and we hope you will pursue that just as you did the above-styled action. About a year ago, when DFA owned 50% of the National Dairy Holdings plant in London, Kentucky, and 50% of Southern Belle Dairy in Somerset, Kentucky, we were able to work out a contract to supply milk to the NDH plant at London, Kentucky, whereby our producers received twenty (.20) cents per hundredweight more for their milk. DFA killed the contract. We then had no choice except Southern Belle Dairy and since there was no competition for our milk our producers lost the twenty (.20) cents per hundredweight. Since DFA still owns 5 0% of the London plant, we still have no competition for our milk.

I want to thank the DOJ's Antitrust Division for the interest you have shown regarding the ownership of Southern Belle Dairy. This is a step in the right direction but there is still more to do to ensure that the Southeastern Graded Milk Producers survive. I think a third party should be involved to make certain that Prairie Farms will not have contact with DFA because they do have joint ventures with them.

I spent 30 years working at Southern Belle as a fieldman. I came to know and care deeply for the producers and always tried to make sure whatever I did was in their best interest. When Southern Belle was being run by the Shearer family, I didn't have a problem with this goal. When Southern Belle was purchased by DFA and Bob Allen, it seemed the best interest of the producers was of little concern. To my disappointment, I was told that I was not to get any more producers. I believe this was because they didn't want Southeastern to survive. I believe they wanted to control all of the raw milk supply and to force Southeastern producers to become DFA. When it came time to renew their contract with Southeastern, the producer board was told that they had a problem renewing their contract as it was. I feel that what it all boiled down to was they didn't really want to renew their contract which would have meant they had no where to sell their milk to and so would have been forced to become DFA members. Southeastern tried to find another place to market their milk. Southeastern negotiated with Charles Hyatt at Flav-O-Rich Dairy in London, Kentucky about supplying milk to that plant. An agreement was made with National Dairy Holdings which owns Flav-O-Rich to buy Southeastern's milk. Then, I was hired by Charles Hyatt as a fieldman for Flav-O-Rich Dairy to continue taking on producers for Southeastern and was told that I could take on all I could find to supply milk for the plant in London and a plant in Madisonville, Kentucky. I resigned from Southern Belle Dairy and was happy to do so, thinking the producers had a good deal and would be taken care of. Guess what? Flav-O-Rich Dairy is 50 percent owned by DFA. About a week after being hired, I was told the deal was off, that DFA wasn't going to furnish raw milk to the rest of their National Dairy Holdings plants if they let the Flav-O-Rich plant have Southeastern as their own raw milk supply. DFA got their way again. The producers wound up having to sign a contract that many were not happy with in order to have a place to sell their milk.

After learning that Southern Belle had been purchased by Prairie Farms, I had high hopes for the producers and the milk haulers, as many have kept in contact with me. Producers and milk haulers have called me to tell me of their fear about their future with Southern Belle. Some employees were told their jobs would be moved to Illinois; this made them very nervous about losing their jobs. Some employees were even told not to associate with certain people such as myself, making them feel this could put their job in danger. The management at Southern Belle has known for a long time that I know the truth about their connection with DFA. Management seems to be troubled that I would try to help the producers. Since taking over Southern Belle on 10/01/06, producers and milk haulers have contacted Gary Lee, Vice President of Prairie Farms, about becoming Prairie Farms producers and they were turned down. Haulers also have talked to Gary Lee about taking on new members. Producers and haulers have been puzzled that they were not contacted about their future with the new owners, making them feel that they are of little concern. I wonder if there might have been a deal made under the table between DFA and Prairie Farms when Southern Belle was sold to them. Perhaps, Southern Belle was a gift to Prairie Farms. Raw milk credits could be part of the deal. If this deal is approved by the DOJ, I think DFA will have it made and the SEGMPA will be put in a situation that will eventually destroy them. After all, if they were gone, DFA would be the sole supplier to the Southern Belle plant owned by Prairie Farms with joint ventures with DFA and the Flav-O-Rich plant in London, Kentucky (50 percent owned by DFA and 50 percent by National Dairy Holdings). I think DFA would probably give up something now and if the DOJ approves this, it won't be long before another plan of action will start against the Southeastern Graded Milk Producer Association. Also, with Prairie Farms owning Southern Belle and having joint ventures with DFA, if the Federal Order System is voted out or changed in any way, SEGMPA producers would be better off selling their milk to Southern Belle with an owner who is not connected to DFA because there will be no competition and DFA can potentially pay producers whatever they want to. I hope that you will really think about what your decision will mean to the people who make up the Southeastern Graded Milk Producers Association. In my opinion, the only right way to resolve this is to make sure that whoever ends up with Southern Belle has no connection to DFA.

It seems to me that Dairy Farmer of America (DFA) and Robert Allen (Good Ole Bob) chose to sell to the entity that would serve their best interest...NOT the best interest of the public. I base this conclusion on the fact that at least one group that was interested was not even given the opportunity to submit a bid or make a proposal. Another interesting thing is I believe Prairie Farms would know exactly how that felt because I believe the very same thing happened to them when Suzia was forced to spin Southern Belle off in order to purchase Broughton Foods. Is it possible that Prairie Farms wasn't willing to play the DFA games at that time but for some reason they are willing to play those games now? The game plan DFA has for the Southern Belle Dairy case, I believe, is to see the Southeastern Graded Milk Producers Association (SEGMPA) disappear. SEGMPA is a group of dairy farmers that has supplied Southern Belle for many years. It seems DFA has viewed SEGMPA as a thorn in their side for a long, long time. You will see in the following history how DFA had played a role in going to great and expensive lengths to see that Prairie Farms did not take ownership of Southern Belle. I never could understand this because DFA and Prairie Farms had some joint ventures that Prairie Farms managed. It is my belief, and I think it could be backed up with financial information from the two organizations, that DFA should have been very happy with those joint ventures with Prairie Farms. I heard in the past that there were years that had it not been for those joint ventures with Prairie Farms, DFA would have seen red ink instead of black ink on their financials. The following history will show how DFA went to great lengths to keep Prairie Farms from owning Southern Belle yet now they seem to have pushed Southern Belle to Prairie Farms. Why? Maybe because Leonard Southwell and Roger Capps (two long-time leaders of Prairie Farms) both passed away within the last six months. Maybe they knew better than to play the DFA games. I hope you find the following history helpful and not too boring. 041b061a72


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