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[S2E8] Puppet Masters

What is great about this is that it looks natural, since an entire year has passed from when the incident first happened. Ayanokoji certainly is the puppet master, especially in this episode with his triggered interactions between Kei, Horikita, and Kushida.

[S2E8] Puppet Masters


The fight between Kelly and Ashy Slashy was fantastic. Apparently, Kelly thought the puppet was as adorable as I did, which I thought was just as amusing. Then Kelly was able to put an end to Ashy Slashy when she had to blow its Muppet brains out.

Ashy Slashy is a possessed puppet created by Baal to convince Ash Williams that the story of demons being unleashed at the Knowby Cabin was simply an excuse, and that in reality, Ash had a mental breakdown and killed his friends in cold blood.

During an escape attempt, Ash told Ashy that if he helped him, Williams would reward his puppet companion with a Little Lori doll to stick his puppet privates into. When the breakout goes awry, Ash is taken back to his room, where he decides to play along with Baal's act and agrees to help him destroy the Necronomicon.

Following Ash's partnership with Baal, Ashy Slashy was left in Ash's room, where he was eventually discovered by Kelly Maxwell. At first, Kelly states that she finds Ashy "adorable", but after realizing the puppet is alive, quickly changes her attitude towards it. This leads to a skirmish between her and the puppet, and ends when Kelly blows Ashy's head off.

Monkey confronts Hagfish and demands that he hand over the sacred scrolls. Monkey proposes a swap; the Scroll of Creation in exchange for the Scrolls of Immortality and Knowledge. Monkey keeps him distracted while Tripitaka sneaks over to the box with all of the puppets inside. Hagfish approaches Monkey and agrees to his proposition. However, he double crosses Monkey and orders his men to attack. After dispatching the guards, Monkey kills Dreglon. However, Hagfish then uses the Scroll of Creation to bind Monkey and Tripitaka with ropes. Pigsy attempts to distract Hagfish long enough for Sandy to grab the scrolls, but they fail as well. 041b061a72


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