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So my PC just got obliterated by most likely viruses and malware. Malwarebytes kept detecting and blocking ad pop-ups from krunker that contained malware and other things. I got the most annoying one recently. Whenever I opened the krunker client my entire screen would go white and then this "YOU WON A BRAND NEW IPHONE, CLAIM IT FOR IT TO BE YOURS" showed up. There was nothing I could do to bypass it. So I just pressed alt+f4 which closed client krunker. I tried opening it again and the same thing happened. So I got really annoyed and all I wanted to do was play krunker on the client. I decided to actually do the survey thing. Once I did it I could see a message saying that the host of the ad was retrieving my IP address. So I thought to myself. I'm dead now. Which it turns out a few days later to be absolutely true. Just when my PC started acting weird. I kept getting the "memory management blue screen error" and I knew at that point that I can't do anything. But I went into safe mode to check with Malwarebytes if I had any malicious viruses on my PC. It showed no signs of malware. So I scanned again and again. Still no signs of malware. I googled what the problem could be and it said one of the issues could be that my gpu drivers needed an update. So I tried to installed the latest version but I got an error at the last stage. So I thought the supposed "hacker" was not stupid at all considering the fact that malwarebytes was not detecting any dangers. So I ran the windows memory diagnostics test and it showed I had a hardware issue. I then removed my ram sticks and reinstalled them. After I had done that I just went to sleep because I got tired of this. When I woke up I started my PC and all I got was a black screen. I tried to unplug the monitors from the gpu and plug them back in. But the monitors were saying that they didn't detecting any connection. So I was thinking that the "hacker" messed all my hardware up during the time I was asleep. So I'm writing this on my phone right now in desperate need of anyone who has also encountered this massive issue. Please if anyone knows what I should do, tell me ASAP

Edit: Ok, so I managed to access my pc. But with a downside. I found out that either my motherboard is broken or one of my ram sticks are broken. So I'm currently running on 8gb of ram instead of 16. Everything works fine but I still think everyone should be careful when using client krunker. Cheers to everyone trying to help! :)

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