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Watch Shrek 1 Online for Free: The Best Sites to Stream the Classic Animation

Antonio Banderas once again voices his favorite character, Puss In Boots, a grumpy cat who joins Shrek and Donkey on their quest to collect what is needed to regain his magical powers in order to regain the ability to speak. Their quest takes them to the Western theme of the Star Wars franchise and other delightful exploits. Like Shrek 2, Shrek 3 is the best entry into the Shrek series. This one is rated PG while the others are rated G (older kids). I didn't see any signs of them being rated G up until this one.The action on the screen was just incredible; everything was in perfect coordination. Even the grand ole' fourth wall was broken for this one!Final word - 3.5/4

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The first Shrek is kind of a fairly innocent adventure, but it's a cute, spirited tale. It's considered a classic and has gone on to spawn a successful franchise. Don't miss it!10/10

Shrek is a foul-mouthed talking donkey. He lives with a donkey, a horse, an ogre, and a princess. One day, a ghost appears on Shrek's lawn and offers to tell him what it's like to die. He promises that he'll die inside a clock made of candy. Over the next few days, Shrek discovers that his life is filled with danger and pain. The clock on his lawn makes him sleepwalk, and the ogre and horse have to stay out in the rain to stop him from racing down the street, and the donkey's family enacts a plan to throw Shrek's funeral. Then, when everyone has left, it's finally time for the clock to do what it does best. RATING: 5/10Shrek, the ogre extraordinaire, picks up an unlikely friend in Donkey while he is wandering the forest. Donkey is going to need every friend he can get when Shrek gets hit by a bus. He brings Donkey to his lair and introduces him to the rest of his family. Donkey is a sweet, mild-mannered soul whose only dream is to be a hero.Poor Donkey longs for the lifestyle he sees in Shrek's movies, and he accompanies Shrek on his adventures. Donkey may actually have the smarter head. His dreams of stardom lead him to experience the most bizarre adventures, and he gets to witness many a heartwarming moment as he makes friends with his new ogre friends. RATING: 7/10Shrek, an ogre in love, is one day summoned to the court of the great King Farquahar. Shrek's reputation of violence and the long-standing feud with King Marshmallow have cost Shrek a home and a job in the town. On the way to the palace, he meets and befriends a talking donkey. Together, they travel to Farquaary's castle to meet the king and ask for a job as bodyguards. Shrek and Donkey are hired as servants of Princess Fiona, who was kept as a prisoner by a mean witch named Lady Gertrude. Fiona is incredibly beautiful, and Shrek falls in love with her. However, he realizes that this beautiful princess is hardly the real Fiona. He saves her from a fairy rival, rescuing the princess while she is chained in a tower cell.


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